Rosemary and Aileen Deeney – The Nights Hostesses

Huge Thanks To Our Hostesses!! – LEFT – Rosemary and Aileen Deeney who gave their support to Gerry and the Sportsmans Dinner, helping to make it a wonderful night all round!!

Thank you for your donations

Thanks to Hugh Deeney & Maria Meikle who raised an astounding £1,500 from T-MOBILES dressing down day!!

Thanks to ARNOLD CLARK who kindly donated a day on the Yacht DRUM, which raised an impressive £700.

Our Auctioneer

Brian Clements – Auctioneer on the night LEFT – Brian Clements, whose experience and skill helped us to raise a brilliant £5680 from the auction at the Sportsmans Dinner.

Speakers Corner

Special thanks to our speakers at the Sportsman’s Dinner, to find out more about these great guys please click on their names on the left of this page.